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Guernsey cow milk is naturally higher in Beta-Carotene, Omega 3, calcium and A2 protein (the lesser known A protein), so the cows don’t need specially formulated feed to achieve these nutritional benefits. It’s pure and wholesome…naturally

These natural advantages simply create the creamiest, best tasting and nutritious dairy product we have ever tasted.


Milk from your backyard.  All Eby Manor milk comes from our family farm in Waterloo Ontario.


Nature knows best. Our cows have a GMO-free diet. We grow non-GMO crops and source only non-GMO nutrition from our local feed mill.


With its rich and full flavour, this is simply the best tasting milk available. But don’t just take our word for it, see what others have to say about our milk.

I have seen firsthand, a clinically significant difference between Eby Manor’s milk and regular store bought milk. A good many of my patients have been able to tolerate this Guernsey milk regardless of their long term history of dairy sensitivity. This milks make up has a medically relevant difference in its protein content. The casein protein is of the A2 type instead of A1. It is this distinction that has allowed many of my patients to enjoy milk on their cereals once again!

Dr. Charron ND -Naturopathic Doctor

THE BEST. It’s the only milk I drink, period.The taste is top-notch, the reusable bottle is awesome, and I love the fact that it comes from a small, local herd of cows. You could drive 10 minutes and actually see where your milk comes from. As it should be.

The care and attention that goes into the whole process by Jim and his family really shows in their superior product. Glad that they had the vision and tenacity to bring their single herd, single breed milk to market. Brings locally produced milk to the kitchen table. It is fantastic. Golden Guernsey Ice cream ?!?