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Guernsey cows are simply amazing, and the milk they provide us is equally amazing. Their milk is naturally higher in many nutrients and it has a different casein protein (A2) which means more people can enjoy dairy.

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A2 Protein

The majority of Guernsey cows produce milk containing the A2 beta-casein protein (the lesser known A protein). There is growing anecdotal evidence that individuals with illnesses that generally cannot tolerate milk or are exasperated by milk, can both tolerate and benefit from drinking Guernsey milk with the A2 protein.

While our complete herd has not been tested for the exact concentration of A2, the A2 protein is present in the milk of 96% of Guernseys, according to the World Guernsey Cattle Federation.

It’s being said that A2 milk is better for allergies such as gut (including irritable bowel symptoms), skin rashes, hay-fever and cough, and some even suggest that some children with behavioral conditions may benefit from A2 milk.

See our A2 information flyer.

I have seen firsthand, a clinically significant difference between Eby Manor’s milk and regular store bought milk. A good many of my patients have been able to tolerate this Guernsey milk regardless of their long term history of dairy sensitivity. This milks make up has a medically relevant difference in its protein content. The casein protein is of the A2 type instead of A1. It is this distinction that has allowed many of my patients to enjoy milk on their cereals once again!

Dr. Charron ND -Naturopathic Doctor.


Beta-carotene is known as an antioxidant and a great immunity booster. The body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which helps to maintain good eye health and vision, healthy skin, and strengthen the immune system. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that there is evidence suggesting beta-carotene may even reduce the risk of developing cancer or heart disease.


Nature knows best. Our cows have a GMO-free diet. We grow non-GMO crops and source only non-GMO nutrition from our local feed mill.


Calcium is the key supportive element in bones and teeth, giving bones their strength and rigidity. It is also important for your organs and bodily functions. For example, you need adequate amounts of calcium for your heart and metabolism to operate at their best. Calcium helps to contract muscles, form blood clots and transmit nerve impulses. The body needs vitamin D to efficiently absorb calcium, both of which are naturally found in Guernsey milk. In fact, the World Guernsey Cattle Federation notes that Guernsey milk contains 33% more vitamin D and 15% more calcium than average milk.


Milk from your backyard. All Eby Manor milk comes from our family farm in Waterloo Ontario.


What is the journey from farm to table?

We milk our Guernseys twice a day. Once at 5 am and again at 4pm. We sanitize the teats and use an automated milking machine which gently draws the milk from the cow’s udder. The milk then travels through stainless steel pipes into a temperature-controlled cooler; these pipes are sanitized twice a day. The milk is delivered to Hewitt’s dairy plant to be pasteurized and placed into our glass bottles. At the end of this process, the finished product is delivered to our various retailers.

What do Eby Manor Guernseys eat?

When the weather is suitable for them, our cows are let outside to graze. They are fed a high forage ration consisting of hay and corn silage (whole corn plant chopped) supplemented with grain corn for energy, as well as a soybean and canola meal for protein. Minerals are added to the ration to create a complete and balanced diet for our Guernsey cows. The focus of our feed design is to produce milk with a high nutrient quality, rather than high volumes of milk.

Do Guernseys have higher levels of beta-carotene because of their diet?

No, Guernsey milk naturally contains higher levels of beta-carotene. They are not fed a special diet to increase the levels of beta-carotene present in their milk. Guernseys do not metabolize beta-carotene like other cows do, rather they pass it from their food to their milk.

Is Eby Manor Golden Guernsey milk GMO free?

Yes, our milk is GMO free. We grow non-GMO crops and only source non-GMO nutrition from our local feed mill, allowing us to provide our cows with a GMO free diet.

Does Eby Manor Golden Guernsey milk contain hormone additives?

No, we do not use hormone additives or treatments to increase growth or milk production. Our concern is for the health of our cows and the quality of the milk they produce.

Does Eby Manor Golden Guernsey milk contain antibiotics?

No. We only use antibiotics when it is absolutely necessary to treat an infection or serious illness. We follow strict protocols when an animal has been treated and maintain records following the treatment. All milk from treated animals are discarded until the milk is free of any antibiotic residue.

Why does Eby Manor pasteurize its milk?

Canadian dairy product regulations require that all milk sold for public consumption be pasteurized. In compliance with these laws, Eby Manor Golden Guernsey milk is carefully pasteurized at the lowest allowable temperature to ensure minimal processing and maximum goodness.

Does Eby Manor sell cream or butter?

Not at the moment. We hope to add these items to our range of products as we grow.

What is the significance of our logo?

The milk jug featured in our logo symbolizes a long and proud tradition of Guernsey quality and is a relic of Norman ancestry. It was able to hold the maximum capacity of milk with minimal expenditure of metal.  The design of the jug made it easy to pour milk while avoiding spillage.